PADI ReActivate - Scuba Review - TuneUp - Scuba Skills Update

Gain the feeling of security and self-confidence back after a long dive break, by refreshing your scuba diving skills from the Open Water course.

If you can not find your PADI card anymore, you can simply apply for it at PADI by visiting this website from PADI.

This program is perfect for all divers who have been diving for a long time and would like to return to the water.

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Whether you have children, built a house, studied or otherwise done something that kept you out of the water for several month or years, you can refresh your PADI diving license and go back under water.

In the PADI ReActivate program, we refresh your theoretical knowledge, go either in the pool or in the beautiful Mediterranean Sea, to repeat the most important exercises and all the exercises in which you feel insecure, that is you determine a large part of the content this course.

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Working with your instructor / divemaster, you can refresh your memory of the exercises and improve your motor coordination.



The ReActivate program is perfect for repeating the basic skills in handling the equipment and for making adjustments to new equipment and practicing its correct handling. So prepared you can experience even more relaxed future dives in native waters and the fear of the next "check dive" at the resort is also a thing of the past.

Duration: aproxx. 2-3 hours
€ 109,- in the pool incl. equipment
€ 149,- in the sea incl. equipment

We always make individual appointments, we are there for you seven days a week!

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We are dive instructors since 2005 in the largest diving organisation worldwide: : PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors). Our program of diving courses starts from Open Water up to Assistant Instructor.


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